Unleash Your Creativity

with the Cintiq 22HD
Creative Pen Display

Draw Traditionally In Digital Mediums

The Cintiq 22HD allows creatives to interact directly with the screen, eliminating the disconnect between the artwork and the artist's hand. The result is a more intuitive, natural experience that saves time in the creative process.

Fully Adjustable

The rotating stand can be adjusted to stand upright, or tilted back to lie nearly flat. This, coupled with the large work area, allows creatives to work without worrying about adjusting the display.

Unmatched Precision

With 2048 levels of pressure sensitivity as well as tilt sensitivity, the Cintiq is the industry standard for digital illustration and design. Programmable side keys and touch strips further enhance usability with modern graphics software.

"It's a very nice big screen. I love the widescreen aspect as it allows more space on the sides for menus."

-Elliot Goldleaf, Illustrator

"Hands down the best profession related purchase I've ever made. So worth the money as it's immeasurably changed how efficiently I work."

-Angela Leguardo, Graphic Designer

"I was extremely impressed by how streamlined and modern this pen felt, even though it was originally released a few years ago."

-Chris Nezbit, 3D Modeller


The display of the Cintiq 22HD is 21.5 inches (54.5 cm), affording a large work area as well as space for window menus. This results in a more comfortable experience than what drawing tablets are able to offer.

A full high-definition 1920 x 1080 pixel resolution means the picture is tack sharp, with vibrant colors.

The Cintiq's pen has 2048 levels of pen pressure as well as tilt sensitivity, resulting in finely-tuned control over the creative process. Art professionals can work as naturally as if they were using real media.

The Cintiq 22HD features ExpressKeys, buttons along the side of the screen which can be programmed to execute keyboard shortcuts. The Touch Strip on the back of the unit allows quick scrolling which can be set to resizing the brush, or zooming in and out of a document. These time-saving tools result in a smoother, quicker work process.

The Cintiq's stand has nearly 90 degrees of tilt, allowing creatives to work however is most comfortable for them. The unit can also be rotated in either direction, mimicking the natural process of turning a piece of paper while working.

Compatible with PC and Mac

Prices starting at $1.6k
Monthly payment plans available